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04 Oct 2022

100MM lines of code in a car

In the US, graduate developers can get $150k per year. Competition between the big tech firms has had a big hand in this but there’s also many more times software to be written than there are developers to write it.

"We don’t have a chip shortage; we have software bloat,” said Mike Juran, CEO and co- founder of Altia, which provides graphical user interface design and tools to many automakers. “There is way too much unnecessary software out there.”

In the recent article below article on Volvo, they talk about creating their own in-house software development capability “because cars are increasingly defined by software rather than traditional hardware”. So—cars are now a software game?

The latest estimates say there are 100mm lines of code in a car. To compare, MacOS has 80mm and the Large Hadron Collider has 50mm. The point really is, that the other 2 products are clearly highly software driven while a car isn’t. And not only is 100mm a lot its also 10x lines of code than a car had 10 years ago.

While it’s a discussion of its own why the number of lines of code isn’t a very good measure of anything, the bottom line is—we’ve got to get more efficient at writing software.

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