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06 Sep 2022

So many applications, so little integration

When we talk about integration or interoperation, we really mean the ability to monetize data, either by getting black boxes to process new data feeds or getting critical data out of the black boxes.

No wonder they call data the new oil. It's not just in terms of the rush to monetize, it's also how hard it is to find, access and process.

As the MuleSoft study below indicates, it’s the latter part which is really creating problems for digital transformation projects. “Integration challenges threaten digital transformation, with data silos affecting 90% of Capital Markets organisations...”

It’s really the case of so many applications but so little integration because on average, organizations use close to 1,000 individual applications but only 29% of these applications are integrated.

So what? If your digital transformation efforts are not focused intently on integration, you are probably not doing it right.

Link to the original article here.

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