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20 Sep 2022

Software is great

Gaming software has come a long way since the first home gaming consoles appeared in the late 1970s. These advancements (enabled by underlying hardware improvements) mirror the power and evolution we see in business software.

If we look at the best-selling games of the last decades...

  • Minecraft (2010s), 238MM copies sold - Sandbox/platform
  • Halo (2000s), 81MM copies sold - 3d FPS
  • Super Mario Bros (1990s), 60MM copies sold - 2d side scroll
  • Tetris (1980s), 43MM copies sold - 1 page

The difference with the latest gaming phenomenon Minecraft, is it’s a platform (or sandbox), that in addition to the out-of-the-box gameplay, allows players to create their own worlds and games for others to play. For example, Hypixel is an online server hosting an ever-changing set of games built in Minecraft, it boasts over 100k online users concurrently during peak time.

But nothing demonstrates the versatility and power of Minecraft more than the attached link. As the article explains in detail, the CHUNGUS 2 is “…a very powerful 1Hz Minecraft CPU…” that is basically as capable as an ATARI 2600 in running retro games, but in Minecraft.

It’s a 10 tick (1Hz), 4-stage instruction pipeline (fetch, decode, execute, writeback) CPU, that is capable of registers, ALU, Flags and Branch logic, Big math units, Data cache, Stack pointer, Instruction cache, Call stack, Control unit and more.

Wow – Software is Great.

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