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01 Aug 2023

Velox powers progress in Cash Eq Tech

Platforms power progress by “centralizing expertise but decentralizing innovation to the end client or user” (thank you thoughtworks).

But the platforms that succeed have evolved to provide solutions for entire teams not just the core tasks that they were originally built for.

For instance, game engines (like Unreal), evolved from providing 2d/3d rendering, to centralizing expertise in terrain generation, physics collision, animation, character design, network play, platform portability and much more.

Application hosting platforms (like AWS, Azure etc) have evolved from providing compute & networking as a service to centralizing expertise in data management, automation & orchestration, security & compliance.

Content management platforms (like WIX, Wordpress) have added multi language support, version control, built-in SEO, traffic analyzers & optimizers, integrations (with payment providers) and even the ability to migrate between other CMS’.

velox is following in these footsteps in Equity Trading

In addition to accelerating the build of full stack trading systems like E/OMS, market making and algo trading, the Velox application development platform (vCore) centralizes expertise needed to rapidly consolidate legacy apps to a single platform, build cross-system exception-based workflows, modernize trading UI’s to be deployable in a web browser and many of the other tasks that front-office teams face.

Find out more about velox and how we #buildfaster here.

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