Article by Jon Butler
17 Feb 2022

Velox Core : Low-code for Professional Developers

Velox Core combines new thinking from many areas, including low/no-code Movement to give professional developers a new approach to modernizing legacy or building new high performance, data-driven systems.

Stop wasting time on low level core infrastructure

It starts with the basics; wrangling disconnected real-time and static data sources and API’s, standing up scalable, testable, and supportable backends and finessing bespoke visual components. Followed by business facing aspects like wrestling with complex entitlements and configuration management.

And this is just the implementation, the cost pales in comparison to the internal design debate on where and how a piece of functionality should be added. All this then gets duplicated by the innability to easily share solutions across teams and departments.

Buy core and build features

We take care of the ‘core’ so you can focus on the functionality that differentiates you.

Velox Core is designed to be shared across development teams, solving once and centralizing access to critical data resources and catalyzing software reuse.

We are ripping up the playbook

The architecture is based on our extensive experience of what gives maximum acceleration, and does not conform to historical approaches and categories.

It combines aspects of real-time reactive programming, high-performance data-grid technology, web development frameworks, no/low-code platforms and software libraries.

Clients might initially struggle to categorize our technology because we have ripped up the playbook.

Built for front-office applicable across the firm

Velox Core is generic and is not domain specific. It’s designed to be most effective when building systems that operate across complex data ecosystems. Complex can mean any combination of fast, big and transactional data. Front office fits this use case but there are also significant use-cases in both middle and back office.

Helping our clients modernize legacy and innovate faster

All our clients share the need to build faster but in many cases Velox Core is used to to help overcome specific challenges with legacy technology. Tech Vendors use Velox Core to modernize and/or SaaS-isfy their sales & trading products by replacing a local install trading UI with a high-performance browser-based solution.

Broker Dealers and IB’s use Velox Core as a facade on top of their existing platform that allows them to rapidly automate manual workflows across disconnected systems or regain the ability to monetize rich data assets. Other clients use our full-stack capability to build front-to-back solutions that support front-office activities, such as high-touch trading or algo trading and market making. This can be to launch something new or to switch from a “full buy” vendor product to a “buy & build” model.

Lastly data providers, like exchanges or data vendors, use Velox Core to further monetize their data assets. It allows them to rapidly build powerful data terminals that can integrate with the end-users desktop, giving the abilty to not just aggregate and analyse but act on their data.

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